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Does someone have to go thru the different CRI levels if they are offered, or can they be 'fast tracked'? If they are a 1* can they enter all 3 levels and if so, can those runs be concurrent or do they have to compete at each level separately?

The USEF answers: A 1* rider can only compete in the 1* division and so on with the 2* and 3* riders. We can fast track a rider which happens a lot as some of the top NRHA or AQHA riders have never shown in FEI. It wouldn't be fair for them to compete in the 1* division.

What are the requirements for United States Horses, Riders, and owners as far as the memberships or registrations/passports they must have to compete in a CRI?

Riders must be a member of USA Reining, USEF and have an FEI registration.

Riders do not have to compete on their own horse.

Horses must be 7-years- old, using January 1 as their birthday.

The horse owner must be a member of USEF.

Horses must be Life Recorded with the USEF, be micro-chipped and have an FEI registration and an FEI passport. Obtaining an FEI passport can be a lengthy process and it is recommended that horse owners begin the process as early as possible.

Horses must meet the requirements of the FEI Veterinary Regulations, specifically those under
Article 1028, prior to arriving at the competition venue.

Info on the FEI World Reining Championships for Junior and Young Riders:
Flights(equine and athlete), hotel, ground transportation, stabling and entry fees will be covered by the USEF for those horse/rider combinations named to the US Squad.
The qualifying period for the championships is January 1, 2017 through June 24, 2017.
Junior Riders are riders from January of the year in which they turn 14 until December of the year in which they turn 16.
Young Riders are riders from January of the year in which they turn 16 until December of the year in which they turn 21.
Horses must be 7 years of age for qualifying events and the Championships (using January 1 of their foaling year as their birthday).
During the qualifying period a Junior or Young Rider must score a minimum average of 67 at one CRIJ3* or CRIYR3*. For a list of competitions that will have FEI Reining CRIJ3* and CRIYR3* classes click here.
For Membership requirements click here.
Riders must submit an application to the USEF to be considered for the US Team. For application click here.
Riders who are qualified (have obtained a 67 at a CRIJ3* or CRIYR3* during the qualifying period) and that have submitted an application will be put forward to the USEF Reining Sport Committee to be considered for a US Team.
The team will be picked the last week of June 2017.
Detailed Selection Procedures for the 2017 FEI World Reining Championships for Junior and Young Riders can be found here.


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